UMM Creative Communication's agency were asked to stage an event for Ultimate Ears (UE-BOOM) to promote their new speaker, the Megaboom 3. We worked with an event management team to put on a great launch party. The event consisted of live music, a DJ, light shows, interactive games and quirky catering services!

As Art Director for UMM Communications, I directed & edited the main promotional video for the event. This video went out on Ultimate Ears socials and held a feature on their global website.

PR sent out invites to celebrities and influencers to give exposure to the new product. At UMM saw this as a good opportunity to gather some content for socials and conceptualised an idea to create a small film set made up of plants and colourful lighting in-line with the Ultimate Ears Australian brand identity. During the event a host interviewed influencers and celebs in a voxpop style. I then edited the voxpops footage into short clips, to be distributed across Ultimate Ears social media channels.


My role was to create a set design in-line with Ultimate Ears branding guidelines for this campaign. I hired two purple LED lights to be projected onto the white wall, and inserted plants for a more dynamic atmosphere.


Myself and the social strategist, Sean Dillon worked to create a variety of questions that would create high energy responses from the influencers, to ensure the most engaging content. 


The entire campaign was a huge success; the content generated achieved great levels of engagement and helped promote the product on a relatively low budget.

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