Artline - Don't Be A Tool Campaign

Artline asked UMM Creative Communications Agency to come up with a campaign to advertise a new range of multi-purpose pens aimed at the construction sector. The plumbers marker for example would write better on plastic surfaces and was wet resistant. The builders pen worked well on rough surfaces. 

As Creative Director for this project, the concept I settled on was a series of illustrations that showcased the functions of each pen and would appeal to the target 'Tradies' e.g water resistant pen aimed at Plumbers. I pitched the concept and secured the contract with Artline. I then conceived and created the range of illustrations, passing them on to other members of the creative team to be used in advertisements in accordance to Artline's branding guidelines.

Artline loved the finished product so much that they asked if there was anything else we thought we could add to the campaign. I suggested we could create a series of short comedic animations. The idea was accepted and I led the development of scripts, storylines and character profiles for the animations. Whilst I produced the artwork assets and scripting I worked alongside an animator to produce the series of short animations. 


I illustrated each pen product in the same style. These could then be used as artwork assets for the animation and also for any future work within the same branding campaign. The graphic design team also incorporated the illustrated pens into the final advertisement designs. 


As well as the illustrative ads for each pen, I also worked on creating fictional comedic characters for the animation to promote the pens. The lead character was a relatable 'jack of all trades' stereotype. Relatability was important within this campaign for social media as it would insure a higher level of engagement from the audience, tagging their friends into the content on the social media.

I then created three options for the secondary character to be used in the animation. 

The legitimate foreman: A by the book boss, always in the correct health and safety gear, well presented, holding paperwork indicative of him being organised and informed. This character would create distinct comedic conflict with the main character.

The condescending foreman: This character is the typical hunky builder who knows best and is condescending to others around him. The exaggerated tight high visibility vest contributes to the humour of his character.

The angry foreman: This character is very easily frustrated and frequently angry at the incompetence of the main character.

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