A 360 campaign consisting of three main video's, twelve short-form videos, four gifs and a series of images. All content distributed across digital web, print and social platforms.

A campaign to target young new families, specifically mothers, to consider buying Ilve kitchens for their new or renovated homes. Myself and the creative department worked closely with the PR & strategy department to conceptualise the idea of pairing an Architect, Chef and Interior Designer with a charismatic 6-8 year old child,  to discuss how they would build their own dream kitchen. 

The creative team along with the social team conceived and pitched the idea. Once the client confirmed they loved the idea and gave the no to go ahead, we in the Creative department began to develop it.

Skills in storyboarding and concept development were used in the initial process of the campaign. Once the campaign structure and deliverables had been created by the Creative Director, assisted by myself, we began to work on the production. After some research we booked in a team of videographers and met with them to discuss the project. I carefully went through the storyboard and script I had created with them to make sure everyone understood and we developed a meticulous schedule of the two days.

After the production was successfully filmed, the Creative Director managed the post production of the three main video's, whilst I worked on the photography and motion footage to create other assets for the campaign such as GIF's and advertisements for social media. I also edited short teasers for the campaign using skills in animation, video editing and colour grading.


Total Following: (Facebook & Instagram): 19,234

Total Post Reach: 730,048

Total Engagements: 27,692

Total Video Views: 65,019

Engagement Rate: 3.8%


Total Following: (Facebook & Instagram): 19,685

Total Post Reach: 631,166

Total Impressions: 780,850

Total Engagements: 31,428

Total Video Views: 41,410

Engagement Rate: 11.5%


Total Following: (Facebook & Instagram): 19,445

Total Post Reach: 630,263

Total Engagements: 31,838

Total Video Views: 34,273

Engagement Rate: 5.1%


Short videos were created to promote the main video's. I animated the logo and phrase over the top of the B-roll footage. These went out on platforms Facebook and Instagram with great results.

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